Summer Sew South Retreat 2016 Recap

Monday, August 22, 2016

The Sew South Summer Retreat was so much fun! Read below for all the details and for info on how you can join me at a future retreat. 

sew south group 2016 summer

Sew South Retreat Summer 2016

14 women came together August 12 - 14 for a weekend of stitching, friendship and fun. For this retreat there were 10 women that were new to Sew South and only 3 that had come before. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: sewists are the nicest people ever.

sew south start 1

There’s just something about a girls’ weekend away, time to be creative, to make and sew, to meet new friends and to eat together that brings out joy in everyone.

sew south scenes day 1 2016
Sew South draws women from all over the country and this group was no different. Ladies from Ohio, Virginia, Philladelphia, Connecticut, New Jersey, Texas, Georgia and North Carolina gathered together for the weekend. There were teachers, lawyers, an artist, a retired air traffic controller and a cranberry farmer to name a few!

sew south inspiration rocks


We started our weekend by choosing words that centered our thoughts and helped us focus on what was important during the weekend.

ss swag giveaway
With coffee and mimosas at hand we dove into the fabulous swag bags full of goodies from Sew South Sponsors and friends. It felt like Christmas morning as we pulled out tools and gifts from title sponsors Dritz, Coats and Fabricworm. Friends of Sew South sent fun surprises too. 

sew south group workshop 1

Frist up was an easy, happy, fun project – making scrappy garlands. Therapeutic in their repetition, scrappy garlands made it easy for us to chat with new friends as we tied fabric scraps. Instant gratification was ours as the garlands came together quickly and made spectacular boas too!

scrappy garland workshop sew south 2016
After a yummy lunch we set up our machines at our stations and stitched super cute reversible aprons. Click here for the free apron pattern

sew south apron action shot

sew south 2016 aprons
We played a dirty Santa game and swapped potholders and still had time to freshen up for dinner before heading out together for tacos and margaritas.

sew south potholder swap summer 2016
In the evening we stitched in our PJs while munching on the world’s best cupcakes with the Olympics on in the background. Open sewing is full of inspiration as everyone works on their own projects. There’s a buzz of happy chatter that fills the room and color everywhere.

sew south scenes of creativity


Saturday morning we kicked off our final workshop and made super cute travel sewing kits using beautiful Birch fabrics from Fabricworm. We filled the kits with essentials from Dritz and now we’ll all be ready to sew-on-the- go with ease.

sew south travel sewing kit birch fabrics
Panera brought us lunch on Saturday and we happily stitched the afternoon away while chatting and checking out what everyone was working on.  We swapped favorite things on Saturday afternoon before breaking for dinner and rounded out the night in pajamas with more stitching as we watched the Olympics.

sew south scenes 2016 summer
As much as we sew, Sew South is always about the relationships. It’s about making friends old and new and forming bonds with women that share a passion for creating. Whether you’ve been sewing for a lifetime or are just starting out, Sew South will inspire you and give you the opportunity to connect with others through a shared interest.

sew south and old friends rosemary and me

My dear friend Rosemary joined me for the retreat this time, and I was thrilled to share the Sew South experience with her. She and I have been such good friends for over 15 years, and I’ve long admired her DIY spirit. She’s creative and crafty so I knew she would be a successful sewist as well.

sew south rosemary's quilt top
You should have seen her face light up when she won the layer cake door prize! We all quickly decided that she should make her first quilt top during open sew and she was a fast learner indeed!

sew south scenes collage
There’s something magical about making something beautiful and useful. There’s joy in creating something from a handful of supplies and coming away with a finished project. There’s power in taking time for yourself, for breaking away from the busy day-to-day life and connecting with women. We all need kindness, creativity and fun and that’s what Sew South is all about.

sew south summer group shots with picture board
I’m so grateful for the opportunity to bring women together to share, create and find joy. It’s a blessing to me each and every time. “In daily life we must see that is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy.” — Brother David Steindl-Rast

Thank You 2016 Sponsors!
A huge thanks to the generous sponsors of Sew South! They provide materials for workshops and goodies for swag bags that certainly light up the faces of the attendees.

Thank You 2016 Sponsors! (1)
If you’d like to join me at a future retreat, please sign up for the SEW SOUTH NEWSLETTERso you can stay up-to-date on dates and ticket sales. Tickets are sold out for the upcoming Fall and Spring retreats but there will be more retreats in the future! 🙂
Have a fabulous day y’all!